New Artwork of the Day: Organic IV

”OrganicWe now go from the hustle and bustle of the city streets to a nature-inspired abstract piece. Organic IV by Ricki Mountain is photo that Ricki has edited digitally to create a lush, sophisticated image that becomes more than just a tree.

Based in Northern California, Ricki uses several mediums of expression, from collage and drawing to digital imagery. Visit her Artist Rising studio to see more artworks and photos from this dynamic artist. And while you’re at it, drop by her other home on the web at

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How to Upload Your Artwork to Your Gallery

For many of you experienced Artist Rising members, this should be old news — but for the new kids on the block, here’s a new ‘how-to’ article outlining the 6 steps to upload your artwork to Artist Rising and make your images available for sale as art prints on Sistino.

Or for those of you who want to skip straight to a specific step, here they are:

You may also download these instructions as a printable PDF file.

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7 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Art Rejected

Starry Night by Van GoghYou uploaded your artwork to your Artist Rising gallery, then a day later, you get a “Sorry, try again” note from the Artist Services staff. “What?!” you holler to your computer, “Why?”

Chances are, your artwork is guilty of at least one of the 7 sins of image submission. Even Vincent Van Gogh would have gotten the “Sorry” note if he sumitted Starry Night with a date stamp plastered on the image (a.k.a. Reason #6 – T.M.I. – Too Much Information).

See our article about the 7 sure-fire ways to get your images rejected, and hopefully, the next time you send in your images, they won’t be bounced back.

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New Artwork of the Day: City Map

City MapAfter exploring places real and imagined last week, our “Artwork of the Day” selections now delve into the realm of abstract images. First up: City Map, an oil painting by Ekaterina Ermilkina.

Originally from Yalta, near the shores of the Black Sea in the Ukraine, Ekaterina now lives and creates in New York State. Drop by her Artist Rising atelier to view more pieces by this up-and-coming artist.

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Find a Pro to Photograph Your Artwork / Anna BryukhanovaTired of fumbling with your digital camera, struggling with the lighting and still getting sub-par results? Reproducing your artwork as fine art prints requires high-quality photographic image files. While many readers get great results going the do-it-yourself route, we recommend getting your paintings, prints or drawings shot by a professional photographer, preferably one that specializes in photographing artwork.

Find out how to find a photographer that will make your artwork look its very best in our latest “how-to” article, Find a Pro to Photograph Your Artwork.

Photographers: Do you shoot artwork for other artists? Drop a line to us at to be included in our upcoming Artist Services Directory.

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New Artwork of the Day: Tiki Planet

As they used to say in Monty Python, “and now for something completely different.” Our tour makes a stop on the sunny shores of Tiki Planet as seen by Mike Cressy.

Mike’s a self-taught animator and illustrator who has worked for many major animation studios, game companies and publications in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Now living in Issaquah just outside of Seattle, Mike also does children’s book illustrations, such as his recent release, The Great Show and Tell Disaster. Visit his Artist Rising gallery for more fun or visit his site,

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New Artwork of the Day: Backstreets of Bologna

Our tour of far away places now takes us to Europe, specifically the Backstreets of Bologna in Northern Italy, courtesy of photographer Alexey Moskvin.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Alexey is studying photography at the London College of Communications in England. His online gallery includes some intriguing landscapes, still-life and portraits, so take a look behind the lens of this young photographer.

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