About Us

Artist Rising is a Web site for established and emerging artists to exhibit and sell their artwork online. We empower a worldwide community of “artists on the rise” with real-world insights to help them to succeed in their artistic endeavors.

How does Artist Rising work?
Artist Rising provides easy online tools to help artists create professional-quality online galleries. We also offer on-demand fine art printing, affordable framing, and e-commerce-enabled Web sites on which artists can upload and sell their artwork to customers across the globe. We handle the marketing, printing, framing and customer service, so artists can spend more time creating their masterpieces.

How do artists set up their online gallery?
Artists can start their gallery in 4 fast and easy steps:

  1. Register on ArtistRising.com
  2. Select a page template
  3. Upload image files
  4. Add descriptions to their artwork

In just minutes, their online gallery is ready to showcase their art to the world. Each gallery has a unique URL, so it is each artist’s personal space to show and sell fine art prints and original artworks.

Artists may also opt to sell fine art photo prints, high-resolution, gallery-quality giclee prints or originals on our sister site, Sistino, Art.com’s contemporary art marketplace.

Does it cost anything to join?
No, Open Studio membership on Artist Rising is FREE, and it only takes a few minutes to join.

With Open Studio membership, artists can set up their own online gallery with up to 50 images available for sale as “print-on-demand” fine art prints. Open Studio members receive 10 listings on the Sistino marketplace within Art.com.

We also offer two additional premium membership options: Select Studio and Premium Studio.

  • Select Studio membership provides artists with unlimited space in their online Artist Rising gallery and 50 listings on Sistino. Select Studio is $50 annually.
  • Premium Studio membership provides artists with all of the above plus 200 listings on Sistino. Premium Studio is $175 annually.

Artists receive competitive royalties on the sale of fine art prints and framing and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their original art.

Empowering Artists on the Rise
Artist Rising is more than an e-commerce site or online gallery: it’s a community of established and emerging artists that offer support, ideas and expertise to one another. Artist Rising members enjoy exclusive features such as:

  • Access to Artist Rising articles on the business and marketing of art
  • Entry in Artist Rising-sponsored art competitions
  • Exclusive access to artists’ community forums
  • Opportunities to publicize art through events, artist forums, and web blog

The Art.com Advantage
As part of the Art.com family of companies, Artist Rising uniquely offers our member artists:

  • The opportunity to show and sell their artwork via the world’s largest online retailer of art prints, posters, photography and framing services
  • Ability to also sell on Sistino, the new contemporary art marketplace
  • Access to over 5 million art buyers in 197 countries
  • Professional-quality framing of their fine art prints at affordable prices
  • Shipping and fulfillment of orders within 24 hours worldwide
  • 24/7 customer service for art buyers, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Visit Artist Rising and create your custom art gallery today!

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