Get Your Artwork Photographed By a Pro / Anna BryukhanovaTired of fumbling with your digital camera, struggling with the lighting and still getting sub-par results? Reproducing your artwork as fine art prints requires high-quality photographic image files. While many readers get great results going the do-it-yourself route, we recommend getting your paintings, prints or drawings shot by a professional photographer, preferably one that specializes in photographing artwork.

How do you find such a photographer? Here are a few ways that have worked for me:

1. Ask Other Artists

This is probably the simplest and most reliable way to find a photographer to photograph your artwork: Ask around. Ask fellow artists you know or ones you meet at galleries, art fairs or art organizations. Talk to local gallery curators or frame shop owners to find out who shoots photos of their artists’ work.

2. Check Online Classified Lists for Ads, or Post an Ad

Online classifieds like Craigs List are an invaluable resource for artists looking for goods and services. Browse through their “Creative Services” listings or post an ad in your local Craigs List site — they’re free!

You may also get good results by checking the classified ads in your local weekly newspaper or magazines.

3. Browse the Bulletin Boards at Art Supply Stores, Cafes or Art Schools

Go where other artists hang out and exchange information: art supply stores, photography supply shops, coffeeshops or art schools. Usually, you’ll see ads or fliers for local photographers who are willing to photograph your artwork, or you can post an ad to let pro or semi-pro shutterbugs know that you’re looking for their services.

4. Get Your Artwork Professionally Scanned

As an alternative to hiring a professional photographer, you could also get your artwork scanned into a digital file. There are a few limitations: Your artwork must be smaller than a flatbed scanner (up to 11″ x 17″) or is a work on paper that can be scanned on a drum scanner.

Most blueprint or graphics service bureaus, pre-press printing service centers or some branches of FedEx Kinkos can either do this for you or point you toward someplace that will. These services can be pricey, so comparision shop before you commit to documenting your artwork this way versus booking a session with a photographer.

5. Check Online Photographers’ Directories

If these options come up short, try checking these online photographers’ directories for a pro near you:

If you have hired a photographer that has done a great job shooting your artwork, please drop a line to us at or post your tips and comments below.

If you’re a photographer who’s interested in helping out your fellow artists and maybe earn a little extra cash on the side, send a note to and we’ll post your contact info on our upcoming artist services directory.

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  • 1. artistrising  |  May 8, 2007 at 11:25 am

    One of our members, J.J. Levine reports getting great results and speedy service in shooting his artwork from San Francisco Bay Area photographer Harold Adler.

    Based in Oakland, Harold offers next-day service on slides and same-day service for digital image files. He has 20 years experience shooting artwork and guarantees his shots for technical excellence or he will reshoot for free.

    Contact Harold at: or check out his site at

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