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Natasha Wescoat Natasha Wescoat

“Aritst Rising provides artists at any stage within their career an opportunity to reach an unlimited community of other artists, art enthusiasts, and art buyers that they would have never touched through traditional means. What AR has done for artists is to make the process of sharing, networking, and selling their work easier, faster, and more profitable AR has been a huge resource for me both from a artistic and commerce standpoint. Because of of AR, I have been able to connect to a larger audience, bringing me to a level of success I never knew I could reach.”
John Gusky John Gusky

“Artist Rising provides me with exactly what I need at the moment in my career when I need it. On AR, I have my own space where I can showcase my work and my work alone to a captive audience. Through AR, I can drive existing and potential customers to my gallery, and due to AR’s diverse pool of visitors, my work is often exposed to customers to whom I never would have had access otherwise.”
Ron Demore Ron DeMore
“Artist Rising is a great marketing tool for artist and those who love them.”
Jason Wolf Jason Wolf
“I would highly recommend Artist Rising to any artist on any level whether they are looking to gain exposure for the first time, step in front an international audience for the first time, or find an outlet for their artwork as a business beyond the traditional gallery. The best part about it is you can customize the experience to be as impactful or casual as you, the artist, choose. “

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