Step 1: Check Your File Sizes / Formats

First of all, make sure that your image files are up to snuff. Please check that they meet the file size requirements before beginning the gallery upload process.


  • JPEG (.jpg) file format
  • RGB color
  • 300 dpi resolution*
    (*We accept 100 dpi files but highly recommend that you submit 300 dpi files for best results.)
  • File size should be 500K (minimum) to 6MB in file size; larger if possible for best quality reproduction as a fine art print.

Please also check that your images do not violate the Artist Rising content policy.

  • All background elements have been cropped out of the image file (e.g. walls, curtains, furniture, etc.)
  • Images are cropped to straight edges and right angles – no off-center images with visible background elements (unless that is your intention to include those elements in the finished print).
  • Do not submit photos of framed artwork – only images of unframed artwork cropped to the edge of the artwork will be accepted
  • No date stamps on the photo
  • Photos of artwork are in focus, clearly lit and do not have visible flash glare
  • No names, URLs or titles included in the image files

PLEASE NOTE! Artist Rising Artist Services staff will not crop, edit, clean up or touch up your images – What you see is what you’ll get in the finished print, so make sure it looks its absolute best at this stage of the process.

Also remember that what may look good on your computer screen may not look good as an enlarged, printed poster. Following our preferred file size requirements will help you to get professional-quality results.

If you have any questions about our content and image policies, please contact Artist Services at

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