Step 4: Add Info About Your Artwork

After you have uploaded your artwork, you’ll see thumbnail-sized versions of each piece on your gallery management page, under the “Your Artwork” tab.

Look under each image listed. If there is a yellow triangle icon, you’ll need to click on the image to add the required information about that artwork before it will be approved for display in your gallery.

There are 5 tabs of information that you can include about each artwork. The “Basics” and “Description” tabs are the only required information, but we encourage you fill out the fields on all 5 tabs to maximize your selling potential for each artwork.


  • Title(50 characters maximum, only alpha-numeric characters, spaces and hypens. No other punctuation marks, HTML or website URLs allowed)
  • Year created(Year that the artwork was originally produced)
  • Style(Abstract, Classical, Photorealism, etc.)
  • Medium(Drawing, Painting, Photography)
  • Original Surface(e.g. canvas, masonite, paper)
  • Tags(a.k.a. keywords – Include any descriptive words that describe your artwork’s subject, style, medium, colors, influences, etc.)
  • Subject(Animals, Food, Landscapes, etc.)

The more information you provide in these fields gives your artwork more opportunities to be discovered by our buyers in their searches for artwork in styles, subjects and mediums that interest them.

Click “Save” when done, and go to the next tab.


  • Description – (a one or two paragraph description of the subject, the method/mediums used to create the artwork, the inspiration for the imagery and any other information that might inform and entice art buyers to relate to and buy your artwork).


  • “Acrylic painting of day lilies, done on a summer day in my backyard.”
  • “Digitally-edited color photograph. I actually had the barcode transferred onto the back of my head and put in the scanner red line in afterwards. As modern life becomes increasingly automated, it’s a challenge to maintain your humanity and individuality.”
  • “I’ve always loved robots, especially the Transformers, so this series is about the daily life and dilemmas of your everyday suburban mechanical man.”

Click “Save” when done, and go to the next tab.

Check that “Public” is appearing in the drop-down box and click “Save”

Is the original artwork available for purchase? Fill out the relevant information about the original artwork, including:

  • Price
  • Dimensions of the original artwork
  • Weight (this is important for shipping)

Click “Save” when done, and go to the next tab.

This tab lets you know if your artwork is available for sale as a print-on-demand (POD) poster print or fine art print.

  • If you see “Not Set Up” next to the “Posters” and “Fine Art” fields, then you’ll need to go to Step 5 to prepare your artwork for sale as prints on your Artist Rising gallery and the Sistino marketplace for contemporary art.

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