New Artwork of the Day: Royal Elephant Ride

Next stop on our tour of far away places is India, courtesy of multi-media artist Neera Sharma.

As an artist and graphic designer based in Rockville, Maryland, Neera explores many avenues for her creativity — from batik pieces such as Royal Elephant Ride to figure drawing, watercolor painting and computer graphics. Take a stroll through her Artist Rising gallery for more from this versatile artist.

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New Artwork of the Day: Moai

This week’s “Artwork of the Day” theme is ‘far away places,’ and Rain Chan’s photo of the Easter Island Moai takes us about as far away as you can get.

His gallery, entitled “Rains World Trip” takes viewers on a visual journey to points near and far, including Spain, Israel, Brazil and Egypt. Rain would also love to get your comments and critiques of his photos. Please post them below or drop him a line at his Artist Rising gallery.

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New Artworks on Artist Rising 4.30.07

Time for another slideshow straight from the Artist Rising galleries! Learn more about each artwork and about the artists featured here at their A|R gallery pages:

Golden Splendor – watercolor painting by Natalie Kornicks
Untitled 1 – digital drawing by Mona Sharma
Custom Dreams – photograph by Brad Murphey
Vertical Sunset – painting by Robert Darabos
Scenic Impressions – oil painting on canvas by Gina Lemelin
Pinwheel – photograph by Teresa Stallone
Broken Promises – painting by Rich Milo
The Pre-Match Meditation of a Sumo Spider – digital artwork by Thom Withoos
Spring Flowers – painting by Thi Nguyen
Stream of Thought – digital artwork by Terry Hancock
Traveling On – digital artwork by Gordon Beck
Stock Taking – photograph by B.D. Watters
Tremors – digital artwork by Rhonda Phair

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7 More Tips for Promoting Your Online Gallery / Ilya IvanovThanks for your great comments about our “5 ways to drive more traffic to your online gallery” article!  Those 5 tips were just the start — there’s lots more to learn about finessing your gallery to get more traffic via search engines (a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization or SEO) and online networking.

I’ll be posting more articles on this subject soon, but in the meantime, Empty Easel just posted a great article, including 7 MORE ways help art buyers find your online gallery. They include: (more…)

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Show More, Sell More: Sistino Listings Increase

It’s true — if you show more, you’ll sell more. So to help that along, we’re increasing your Sistino image listings allowance for all accounts. Here’s the deal:

    THEN   NOW
  Open Studio 3 images 10 images
  Select Studio 15 images 50 images
  Premium Studio 40 images 200 images

What do you need to do to get this upgrade? Nothing — these allowances will be added to your account automatically. All you have to do is sign in to your account, and select additional works to be listed on Sistino. Remember, images must be set-up for Print-on-Demand (POD) in order to be listed on Sistino.

  • Haven’t added images to your gallery yet? Sign in to your Artist Rising account and go to “Your Gallery” to get started
  • Ready to take your gallery to the next level? Sign in and go to “My Account” to upgrade to Select or Premium Studio Membership

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New Artwork of the Day: Orchid Silhouette

From bold and bright to elegant and modern, today’s flower power pick comes to us courtesy of Corrine Ellsworth.

Corrine’s photograph Orchid Silhouette was so striking, it immediately stood out amongst all the floral images in our galleries. I could definitely see this chic photograph hanging on the wall of a city loft, above some Eames chairs and a Noguchi coffee table.

A graduate of Utah State University, Corrine is a graphic designer by trade who shares her stylish photos and bold abstract paintings with the world at her Artist Rising gallery. Drop by and see what’s new with this versatile young artist. Also, check out her Wallskin site, featuring some gorgeous wall-sized artworks and wallcoverings.

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New Artwork of the Day: Blooming Cactus

The road to becoming a full-time artist is often not a straight point-A-to-point-B journey. Just ask Jennifer Lommers. This Pacific Northwest artist took a detour down the information technology career path before finding her way back to her first love, creating art.

Jennifer’s painting Blooming Cactus offers a bright, energetic take on this week’s “flower” theme. Her bold paint strokes and effervescent composition transform this painting into something much more visually compelling than just a simple picture of a cactus. Visit her Artist Rising gallery for more abstracts, landscapes and animal images from this artist’s atelier.

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